Private Detective

You can hire the services of a private detective to investigate any concern as long as it's legal. Over the years people have hired the services of our private detectives to investigate on their spouses for adultery or infidelity, to prevent harassment and stalking, locate biological parents or adopted children, locate criminals or witnesses for a court trial and for surveillance purposes and much more.

Although it is not a requirement to meet in person, it is recommended that you choose an agency that is licensed as well as properly insured. At Smart Fox Investigations we are licensed and we always issue a contract for each of our cases. We choose our private detectives carefully and through a thorough recruitment process where we conduct background searches and verify all details about them, check to make sure they are highly intelligent and have the ability to process situations and act quickly in order to get optimal results.

Engage us for any cases- from domestic to corporate investigations, ranging from infidelity to fraud. We also specialize in background checks and you can use this facility to check on a potential business partner/employee or even your future husband/wife. Our expert surveillance team has been hand-picked and they use only the latest high tech equipment to gather evidence. Our company and our operatives are insured adequately therefore once you sign a contract you are indemnified of any losses to a third party or to our agents during your investigation. 

Call SMARTFOX DIRECT 24 hours a day at 0403 775 400 for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION or submit an online request.