Missing Persons

Do you need to find a missing person? We can help you find them. Over the years we have helped people find their lost children, lost or biological parents for adopted, lost lovers, old friends, debtors and even witnesses for court cases with full confidentiality. Whether the reasons are personal, financial or legal, we will help you find and track down anyone anywhere in the Gold Coast or anywhere else in the world. Our expertise and contacts across the Gold Coast make it much easier for us to locate a missing person than an ordinary person.

Once you decide to hire us to locate a missing person it would help immensely if you could provide us with all the details you know about that person and photographs, no matter how old. These cases present difficulties of their own, with some of some of the missing becoming married or remarried, changing names, and moving half way across the globe. In our experience it is hardest to track down persons who are running from the law, but no matter what the circumstances are we still have a great track record of locating missing persons and connecting them to their family or law enforcement agencies in some cases. Keep in mind that the more details you are able to provide us, the easier it will be for us to locate the person.

Engage us for our missing person services and just relax. Let us take care of the rest. Call SMARTFOX DIRECT 24 hours a day at 0403 775 400 for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION or submit an online request.