Covert Operations

When all else fails we need to go undercover to investigate a person or a group. Covert investigations assist to reveal the truth, or in some cases, collect evidence to help you in legal proceedings. Covert investigations rely on an investigator's ability and natural instinct to blend in with the surroundings in order to follow someone without arousing suspicion. Hiring a professional investigator for your covert investigations will save you hassle, time and also money. In addition, it will provide you with better results in a shorter period of time.

Smart Fox Investigations are experts at the art of surveillance, investigation and covert operations and will collect the facts without putting the whole operation in jeopardy. We provide covert investigations in business, legal, insurance or private sectors and our experts will plan the case and would carry out these covert investigations discreetly and as per your requirements. 

Our surveillance team is highly skilled, discreet and would always ensure the covert quality of an investigation is intact. They are always on alert at the same time use high tech devices available to them for obtaining best possible results and proof. You could always let us know if there is something particular on your mind that you want to be monitored and also your preference for the report to be provided. We'll provide a log of activities over a specific period using photos, voice recordings or videos depending on the nature of the investigation. In covert operations utmost importance is given to accuracy, with the latest equipment such as spy cams, hidden recorders and the like. Other times it would be the job of the agent conducting the investigation to befriend people who are being investigated or a third party in order to obtain information and gather facts.

Although most of these investigations have a common aim of unveiling the truth, each of these cases would be different and would provide implications and difficulties of their own. Based on the situation it has to be determined which would be the best approach to solve your dilemma and which agent/agents to be assigned to handle your case and also what sort of technical expertise is required to handle the case. Call our agency for a FREE INITIAL consultation and our expert investigators will advise you on options that are at your disposal for best possible results.

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