Private Investigations

At Smart Fox Investigations we cater to all your needs for private investigations:

  • personal investigations
  • criminal  investigations
  • fraud investigations
  • corporate investigations
  • insurance investigations
  • surveillance investigations
  • missing person investigations

In all cases utmost care is taken to ensure our enquiries are as discreet as possible. Our agents are handpicked and are some of the finest in the industry. Most importantly they handle each case with utmost professionalism and much emphasis is given to finishing tasks in a timely manner. 

Our private investigations are based on collecting facts, analysing information and eventually reporting to you with additional information related to legal, financial and personal matters. Our agency is capable of handling cases in any size or any sophistication, be it personal cases from individuals or commercial cases from companies. Our investigations include fact finding, surveillance tasks and sometimes even going undercover where we rely on covert operations to gather facts and to collect evidence. 

Call SMARTFOX DIRECT 24 hours a day at 0403 775 400 for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION or submit an online request.