Are you licensed investigators?

Yes, all of our associates and agents hold their individual PI License. This is important because the license system regulates who can operate in the industry and ensures that we are trustworthy and upstanding citizens. Under the Security Providers Act, all investigators must be licensed.

How much will it cost and how do I pay?

Depending on the type of task, we operate on an hourly rate or come to a set fee arrangement. Usually a trace enquiry will have a set fee which we will agree upon once the nature and difficulty of the task is known.

Surveillance costs vary depending on how many agents are needed, the difficulty of the task and where the operation is to be conducted but the standard rate is A$150 per hour plus mileage, expenses and GST. For surveillance jobs you need to allow us 30 minutes each way to and from the job.

Payment is easy, either by PayPal, Direct Deposit If paying by PayPal you just go to and click 'send money' then you can pay via your PayPal account or using your credit card. Every task is different so it is not possible to list all costs and fees here. Simply contact us and begin the process.

We will be up front with you and on many occasions it will be possible to set fees. You will only have to deal with one contact person and your information is held with utmost confidentiality.

Can you access phone records or texts?

No we can't. The tel-cos' will not make that information available and the Privacy Act prevents us from accessing text or phone record information. However we are experienced at obtaining information in other ways so feel free to contact Smart Fox we will assess your case and advise the best action to take.

Can you access criminal records?

In Australia only the individual can obtain their own criminal history. In other words, if you are not the person or you don't have their cooperation to complete the Ministry of Justice forms then we can't obtain that information.

Where in Australia do you operate?

We operate in every part of Australia including (but not restricted to) Gold Coast, Brisbane. 

Can you undertake work in New Zealand or the Pacific Islands? 

Yes we can. There are some difficulties with New Zealand and the Islands though because there are different states within and regulations are very different and often prohibitive. On occasion it is cheaper and quicker for us to travel to the place of enquiry to obtain the information; contact us and you may be surprised at how cost effective it is to get the information you require.

Is everything confidential?

Absolutely, we guarantee discretion and confidentiality. Your details are held securely and will never be shared. We fully licensed and have an unblemished record of caring for our clients and deserving their trust.


How do you follow people? 

Surveillance can be carried out without detection because we are highly experienced. We conduct operations ranging from the surveillance of spouses to an international multi-agent task over extended periods; no job is too large or too small. Because we are experienced, we will not be spotted and the evidence you require is obtained promptly and professionally.

Often vehicular surveillance is carried out utilising two cars and the agents are in continuous contact, often changing positions behind the target vehicle to avoid detection and ensure a successful operation. On foot or in public places like the street, bars, cafes and restaurants we blend in easily and can often be alongside the target listening to conversations or observing activity whilst remaining completely unnoticed.

Are hidden cameras legal in Australia? 

Yes they are, when installed to obtain evidence of suspected theft or wrongdoing. We have an extensive range of camera equipment that can be installed into almost any application. The lens' are tiny and require a hole about the size of the nib of a ball point pen so they can be confidently concealed virtually anywhere. It is not legal to record audio without the consent of all concerned so we cannot add sound to this service, nor do we involve ourselves with bugging.

Can a Private Detective locate anyone?

Given an unlimited budget we can pretty much locate anyone on the planet. We do regularly locate individuals in other countries for clients and because of our vast experience in the business we are able to locate virtually anyone within Australia. We use sound investigative skills along with local knowledge of people and places, contacts and ingenuity.

Can I call you for some free advice? 

Of course- we are here to help and with our experience in dealing with such matters we can very often make things clear for you from the start. We are only an email or phone call away and we will understand your concerns. Remember, you will only have to deal with one point of contact and your information is guaranteed confidential.

How can I become a PI?

We receive many requests from individuals wishing to become a Private Investigator. Unfortunately positions are rare. If you are extremely lucky you may be able to align yourself with a currently licensed agency and work from the ground up. There are currently no positions available at Smart Fox.

Will surveillance help to provide clarity to my situation?

YES, Surveillance performed covertly is highly effective in uncovering the truth about your situation.   Surveillance converts ‘gut feelings' to hard evidence and assists you in making an informed decision about the situation.

Can you find my missing partner?

YES, we have plenty of experience finding people.  In the past we have located birth parents, runaway teens, and ex lovers, witnesses and business partners.

Who else will know I have hired you?

No one will know. At Smart Fox Investigations we respect the sensitivity of our client's matters. Work is performed discreetly and your identity is never revealed.

Do you provide court evidence

Yes. As required we can provide affidavits, statements, video footage and photographic evidence to you or your solicitor.

I suspect my partner is hiding assets from me. Can you help find them?

We can uncover financial evidence or other hidden assets which you may be entitled to in the event of a settlement.

Did we answer your question sufficiently?  If not, please contact us now. Call SMARTFOX DIRECT 24 hours a day at 0403 775 400 for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION or submit an online request.