Are they having an affair?

Spousal surveillance, otherwise known as domestic surveillance is one of the MOST USED SERVICES of a private investigations firm. Contrary to popular belief, spousal surveillance is associated more with getting a clear picture, clearing doubts that dwell in your mind and restoring peace of mind, rather than being a catalyst to breakup or divorce. In some cases it could help some of you to find out the truth and could help you to get a better perspective, rather than living a lie. Once we uncover the truth, you can decide the next step to serve both you and your partner.

If your partner is cheating, you deserve to know.

It's a delicate matter, one that's important to resolve as early as possible. It is a big decision, whether you are just looking for peace of mind or an advantage in court proceedings later on. The important factor that you should consider is that you are not alone and there is nothing to be embarrassed about when you make a decision to investigate your spouse. And let’s face it, by experience we know that without using surveillance most of these lying/cheating spouses are not likely to get caught and even if they make a mistake at most would give you a hunch, but nothing concrete. Therefore it would be naïve to think that these cheaters and their extra marital relationships would run its course and you would find out about them eventually. Realistically supposing your spouse is in an extra marital relationship that does not workout at the end, what are the chances that he/she might tell you about it? I am sure most of you know the answer to that question.

Although it is nothing to be embarrassed about when you decide to monitor activities of your spouse it would be wise to not wash your dirty linen with people who are personally close to you and your family. That is where we come in; we will help you to achieve this task as discreetly as possible while gathering information as well as proof as per your requirements. Supposing your doubts eventually turns out to be not that bad as you assumed them to be or even imaginary rather than real, being discreet about it would give you the option to move on with your relationship with complete peace of mind and your spouse would never know that you were suspecting them.

Once you call us for assistance our experts would meet with you and you are advised to tell them everything you know about the spouse that you deem to be relevant to the investigation. Since our experts are well versed in handling cases similar to yours on a daily basis they would know exactly what should be deemed important to their investigation and they would know how to proceed. Once you have hired our services what you have to do is not to alert or confront him/her with what you know before the investigation completes.

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