Surveillance is the process of monitoring activities, behaviour, or other changing information. Usually these observations are done on an individual or a group, or even a company by a party that is either interested in protecting themselves or the persons under observation. It has been accepted that surveillance is one of the most effective methods of getting true facts, obtaining proof and even leads on which next step of investigations could be placed. There are several elements that need to come together for successful surveillance, while experience, skill and ability of the investigator would play a huge role we cannot simply ignore the part technology plays on surveillance nowadays. 

For surveillance we use methods that are tried and proven as well as high tech equipment depending on the type of operation. Depending on the sophistication of the operation we have the expertise and technology to use GPS tracking systems that would ensure log reports of a subject’s whereabouts in detailed description. Our static surveillance teams are the best option if you want to monitor activity of a certain location for any particular reason, they will monitor and obtain photographs or video of these locations as per your requirement. Our mobile surveillance team on the other hand would follow an individual or a group, either together or separately using any form of transportation that is suited and available at that moment of time in order to observe the subject or subjects. Be it static or mobile or a combination of operations that you request, our team would carry out the operations smoothly and discreetly while preserving the covert nature of the operation without alarming the person or persons who are being monitored.

Our trained surveillance team provides best options for all your requirements, be it observing activities of a spouse, or a work partner, or anyone whom you deem to be involved in any sort of illegal or immoral activity. Simply call us for a consultation and our teams of expert investigators are there to help you 24/7.

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